Continuously changing professional standards and legislation pose significant challenges to the Accountancy profession. Coupled to the increasing expectations of regulators, these developments exert considerable pressure on today's professional accountant. Being on the cutting edge of the profession is history unless one proactively and incessantly keeps himself up-to-date about current trends in the Accountancy arena and the surrounding environment that will shape tomorrow's standards and regulations.

The evolving economic environment and the consequent changes in the way businesses operate do little more than augment the challenges faced by accountants occupying various positions within an organisation. As an Accountant you would generally need to dedicate more time and effort to enhance business models that would ensure your organisation is well prepared for the challenges lying ahead and for reaping the full benefits from these opportunities.

More often than not, in view of the afore-mentioned factors, keeping oneself updated with technical and professional developments takes secondary importance. Other personal commitments and/or a hectic lifestyle characterised by continuous travelling could also be culprits. Professional accountants may not always afford the time to attend a physical instructor-led training session, a seminar or a workshop. The adverse effects of this are two-fold: (i) performance is hit negatively through unmet requirements and missed opportunities and thus being unable to reach your full potential; and (ii) your professional development suffers.

Cognisant of all these factors, KPMG has devised an online training portal to assist accountants in keeping abreast of professional standards, relevant legislation and other relevant matters in a convenient, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Keeping oneself up-to-date and complying with Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements has never been easier!