The main objective of this initiative is to make knowledge and support easily accessible to various professional accountants and executives whose lifestyle, in one way or another, does not permit them to physically attend training sessions. This KPMG Online CPE portal offers you the luxury of taking training at any time of the day from anywhere, be it at the comfort of your home, from your office and even whilst travelling. It allows you to make the most effective use of the time you dedicate to training by offering concise, yet most relevant information about various topics, and by cutting down on time you would need to spend travelling to a physical class.

Through this portal, KPMG is providing access to knowledge and support in various fields related to the Accountancy profession, primarily: Financial Reporting; Taxation; Compliance; and Financial Management. We are offering courses across a wide spectrum, ranging from simple topics to more complex ones.

Courses are organised in either one or a set of audio-visual training modules of one hour duration per module. For more convenience, each module is, in turn, split into 15 minute segments. This also makes it easy to download on portable devices.

Courses are also accompanied by presentation slides and a facility to take personal notes about the subject. Some courses may also contain reference to other material, including publications, that would be relevant to the course undertaken.

Once a training course is purchased, the training modules making up that course can be accessed up to three times, until the date when the course is discontinued. This allows you the opportunity to re-visit the learning should you need to refresh your memory about the topic. Courses are discontinued only when the content of the topic of the course is superseded by newer content.

The system also assists you in meeting Regulatory requirements in terms of attaining CPE hours, primarily by offering Assessments and certificates of successful completion.

Most courses come with an Assessment that one may take upon completion of the whole course. A certificate bearing the date, name of participant and score is awarded upon successful completion of the assessment. This may serve as proof for undertaking Structured CPE activities in terms of the Malta Institute of Accountants’ (MIA) Continuing Professional Education Regulations issued on 19 December 2011 [Regulation no. 4.7].

The assessment needs to be undertaken within a week from the date of course completion. A course participant is eligible to up to three attempts of the assessment.

Standard modules last one hour and 15 minutes: one hour covering the taught element and 15 minutes covering the time required to go through the respective assessment. Participants will have up to 4 hours of access time for every course of 1.25 hours duration and will be awarded 1.25 hours of structured CPE in the respective competencies for every course of 1 hour duration, subject to successful completion of the accompanying assessment. One would have to validate the course upon completion, in order to formally complete the course and to be able to print off the certificate.

Bearing in mind the importance that interaction with participants has in any learning process, the firm has ensured that this is catered for in the courses offered by offering a helpdesk facility for raising any questions that may crop up following a course. Through this helpdesk facility, one may submit queries via e-mail. All requests would be logged and are tended to in the order in which they are received. They would then be followed up by a phone call from our topic specialists.

We believe that the on-line courses offered through this system may be appealing to anyone who needs access to training at their convenience in terms of time and venue, without compromising the quality of the training. To this effect, we believe that KPMG is offering a valuable package in that it is putting at your disposal training modules of a very high quality at a reasonable price.

If you fall into any of the underneath categories, then this system may be just right for you:
  1. A Chief Financial Officer or Other Qualified Accountant, both locally or abroad;
  2. A Qualified Accountant who is constantly travelling;
  3. A Qualified Accountant who is juggling between personal commitments and work, e.g. working parents;
  4. A retired Qualified Accountant;
  5. A Student.